Shipping Routes & COA’s


Shipping Routes, Trades and COA’s

G.S.S main routes are within South Africa-Indian Ocean, South Africa-Far East, South America-Far East, South America -Europe, Arabian Gulf-Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf - Mediterranean, Australia-Far East and the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean-Continent and East Mediterranean.

Currently running COA’s

  • Bulk Minerals and fertilizers from A.G. to India, China, S.Africa, W.Africa, USG and S. America.
  • Grains from S. America to AG, red Sea, China, Med, Conti.
  • Aluminum Ingots from Far East and A.G. to Med and Conti
  • Grains from USG to Mediterranean and Far East.
  • Bulk Fertilizers from the Far East to the East Coast South America.
  • Bulk Fertilizers from the Continent and the Black Sea to South America.
  • Bulk Cement/clinker from Med to the West of Africa.
  • Bagged rice from ECI and SEASIA to West Africa.